Finest Pigments is an ammonia-free direct dye system consisting of natural pigments and up to 98% natural ingredients.

It is a gentle and natural coloring system that is quick and easy to use: the formulas are applied directly to the hair, no activators are needed. The range consists of 14 shades that can be mixed on request and also includes Finest Gloss.

Natural pigments are derived from ingredients such as ginger and saffron (enhances the golden reflection), lycopene from tomatoes (enhances the red and copper reflection) and cashew (enhances darker reflections and protects the hair structure).

In addition to pigments, the formula also contains other raw materials of natural origin, such as rose oil and cellulose.


- It is an ideal alternative for those who dye their hair for the first time because the color changes gradually and naturally. The color washes out 8-10 times.

- All tones can be used pure or mixed together. If you want to create a unique color, they can be diluted with Finest Gloss gloss.

- Due to the natural composition of Finest Pigment, the dye can be used immediately after a long hairstyle or relaxing treatment.


- Finest Pigments consists of seven natural bases, four tones, three intense tones and one gloss, which can be used alone or mixed with other tones as desired.

- Natural bases can be used if you want the same level of hair color to shine more intensely or darken natural or colored hair. Also masks grey hair.

- All Finest Pigments dye gives your hair a strong shine, which will intensify if you mix the dye with Finest Gloss.

Principles of the formula

The chemist’s talent lies in his ability to extrapolate nature honestly and respectfully.

Gentle and natural formulas

Finest Pigments are made from up to 98% natural ingredients. Natural pigments, which have a strong antioxidant effect, accentuate and preserve hair tones while protecting their structure.

Guaranteed shine

If you want to give your hair an extraordinary shine, use Finest Gloss alone; mixed with any tone of Finest Pigments, it will change the intensity of the tone.