A New Color

It’s a Davines-free ammonia dye system designed to ensure complete hair coverage and flawless color.

To create this line, we drew inspiration from nature. Particular attention was paid to the expressive range of light, shapes, and colors of insects. A New Color paint without ammonia is very versatile, so that craftsmen can express their endless creative possibilities. It is simply an ideal tool for hair coloring.


- The line consists of cream-textured paints, cream base and activators (5, 10, 20, 30, & 40).

- Complete coverage of gray hair.

- Possible to darken and lighten hair up to three levels.

- Different shades can be extracted.


- Velvet, intense and multiple colors

- Made from natural antioxidants to ensure long-lasting, shiny colors

- In addition to ammonia, odorless and pleasant to use

- Delicate hair softness and hydration

In nature, carotenoids and melanin are responsible for a stunning and diverse range of colors.

Starting with the same ingredients, Davines Research Lab has created an innovative and subtle hair color system inspired by nature. A New Color offers endless possibilities, allowing the colorist to unleash their imagination and create with color.