Regenerative Agriculture: We're Exploring the Next Frontier of Sustainability


We're excited to announce our partnership with Rodale Institute, pioneer of the regenerative organic movement since 1947. The new Davines Group - Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center will break ground this fall in Parma, right next to Davines Village, expanding our supply of regenerative organic ingredients and serving as a hub for sustainability research and farmer training.


In the land just outside of Parma, Italy, 15 acres of land are dedicated to a carbon-neutral village, which includes office spaces, Scientific Garden, bistro and more. Known as the Davines Village, the global headquarters of Davines and Comfort Zone, the sustainable beauty destination will expand to include yet another pioneering initiative: a regenerative organic farm, research center and education hub.

The new European Regenerative Organic Center will encompass a 10-hectare site on the Davines Village campus focusing its research and education on small- to mid-size European farms growing specialty crops for food, nutrition and beauty. Supporting farmers in the region, the Center will focus on organic management in a Mediterranean climate, as well as the close relationship between personal care ingredients and farming.


Regenerative organic agriculture is a method of growing food, fiber and ingredients that approaches farming as a holistic system, does not use synthetic pesticides and herbicides and incorporates high standards for soil health, animal welfare and farm worker fairness.

Regenerative organic farming has the potential to sequester carbon, mitigate climate change, promote biodiversity and protect our soil, air and water.

Scientists and staff of the Davines Group - Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center will study alongside the Davines Research & Development laboratory, to find ways in which regenerative organic agriculture can influence the supply chain of beauty products. These efforts will support local farmers and the international regenerative organic community, promoting the sourcing of more sustainable ingredients that can heal the Earth and enhance our particular vision of beauty.


Founded in Pennsylvania, Rodale Institute has been trailblazing the regenerative organic movement through research, farmer training and consumer education since 1947, even coining the phrase “regenerative organic” in the 1980s. In 2018 it joined with food, fashion and farming brands to launch Regenerative Organic Certified™, the highest standard for regenerative organic agriculture in the world.

We're thrilled to partner with Davines to achieve their vision: a world where not only organic food is healing the planet, but a consumer can embrace a regenerative organic lifestyle in their personal products as well.

Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute CEO


The creation of the new regenerative agriculture research center is only the last step Davines is taking to promote sustainable farming. In 2014 we started our collaboration with Slow Food to protect Italian biodiversity and we have been committed to support their efforts since then.

Davines Essential Haircare products feature natural ingredients from their Presidia, thus supporting families of Italian farmers that carry out with passion small traditional cultivations - such as the Fiaschetto Tomato from Brindisi or the Caper from Salina.

Every Essential Haircare product contains an active ingredient from an Italian Slow Food Presidium, protecting biodiversity.