View is a new toning color line with an acidic pH, which makes the hair extremely shiny and acquires volume.

The view line is designed with the environment in mind. It contains between 88% and 93% of ingredients of natural origin and between 95% and 99% of biodegradable ingredients.


Does not change natural melanin, disappears after 15-20 washes, covers up to 50% of grey hair  


- View is a versatile system that is particularly easy to use. It can be used on both dry (clean or dirty) and wet hair without lifting natural melanin.

- Add a tone to natural and previously bleached or bleached hair.

- Offer a gloss enhancing service with Gloss.


- View can mask up to 50% of the first signs of grey hair.

- Always remember that darker shades will mask better than lighter ones.

- If you want to increase the accumulation of pigments, we recommend using an additional heat source, as well as mixing with a natural appropriate base.

Principles of the formula

Davines Research and Development Laboratory has developed a soft, easy-to-use, semi-long-lasting dye that reduces the risk of hair breakage, protects the hair structure and guarantees exceptional shine.

Natural Polyglycerols - View formulas we are saturated with natural polyglycerols.

  • Until now, polyglycerols have not been used in the field of hair dyes.
  • Polyglycerols are extracted from olive oil to give hair exceptional shine, moisture and softness.
  • Strengthens hair and respects its structure.
  • Polyglycerols make the formula even more sustainable as they are fragile and biodegradable emulsifiers from renewable sources

System - View is the perfect colorist's hand tool. The color palette offers many traditional tones, ideal for:

  • to tone both natural and painted paints;
  • balance existing colors;
  • to revitalize hair volume and ends when long-lasting color is applied to the root area.

Professional advice for hairdressers

Prepare the paint mixture by weighing the color and the activator, observe the following mixing ratio: 1 part paint + 1 part 10 vol volume Activator.

You can monitor the color distribution (takes up to 5-20 minutes) and remove it if necessary. However, when masking grey hair, we highly recommend using the full color.