Our customers' favorite product line, Oi, has won many awards, suitable for everyday use and hair styling. The Roucou oils in it give a special shine and softness to all hair types. You can also perform additional procedures on the body to make the skin softer and smoother. Try hand creams that stop the aging process and moisturizing body washes.


- Rich aroma

- Each product has many positive properties for your hair and skin

- Roucou oil protects hair from aging and the harmful effects of the environment


- The hair instantly becomes softer

- The action of Roucou oil will make your hair easier to comb

- OI body wash and hand balm give your skin long-lasting hydration and protection.



A range of OI products for absolute beauty - for all hair and skin types.

The name of OI comes from the ancient East, and the idea is to create harmony through a balance of opposing forces. In order to discover balance of feelings, multiple benefits, and effectiveness, OI allows you to see positive results even after the first use.

All OI products contain Roucou oil, a plant rich in antioxidants, native to the Amazon..


Particularly rich in beta carotene (which restructures hair), Roucou oil reduces damage to cells from UV rays and also helps prevent the signs of aging. All products are sulfate-free and paraben-free
Elegant and sustainable design
Its production offsets carbon emissions through reforestation and forest protection projects.