Balance & Bouclè

Straight, curly or wavy hair?

Choose your movement with Balance Relaxing System, Balance Curling System or Bouclé Biowaving System

These relaxing, curling and perm treatmentsare formulated to ensure the best professional result respecting hair health.

Our treatments


The Balance family includes relaxing treatments and perms that respect hair health and do not contain ammonia.

Balance Relaxing System is a relaxing system with a gentle action that straightens the hair in an even way for a long lasting natural treatment.

Balance Curling System is a permanent system that ensures uniform, shiny and soft hair from base to ends.


Bouclé Biowaving System is a gentle waving treatment, suitable for all hair types and particularly recommended for damaged or brittle hair.

It ensures soft and natural curls that keep elasticity and volume over time. Formulas are enriched with cysteamine, a natural active ingredient that has a structure similar to that of hair and creates a natural waving.

Balance & Bouclè

Extra Delicate Neutralizer

Balanced long lasting neutralizing solution

Protecting Curling Lotion 1

Curling conditioning and protective lotion for resistant or normal hair

Protecting Curling Lotion 2

Curling conditioning and protective lotion for colored and sensitized hair

Extra Delicate Curling Lotion 1

Gentle waving perm for normal to thick hair

Extra Delicate Curling Lotion 2

Gentle waving perm for fine and treated hair

Protective Relaxing Cream 1

Gel cream with cysteamine hydrochloride

Protective Relaxing Cream 2

Cream with Ammonium thioglycolate

Conditioning Neutralizer

Neutralizer with Hydrogen Peroxide to restore disulfide bridges

Take care of your hair

Relaxing or perm treatments may be aggressive on hair. But not Balance and Bouclé

Our treatments are natural and non-aggressive, and are suitable for all hair types.

The Balance and Bouclé formulas are enriched with nourishing and restructuring elements that carry out an essential strengthening action of the keratin structure of the hair keeping elasticity and moisture.

Professional and delicate formulas

Balance and Bouclé are professional systems for relaxing and curling hair giving the movement you seek without damaging the keratin structure.

The result you are looking for…

The chemical process is balanced to avoid overprocessing, i.e. the maximum processing time can be overcome.

And the protection you deserve

Hair remains shiny and well conditioned, thanks to the active ingredients that protect from free radicals, strengthen and moisturize. Balance is also enriched with vegetable lipids that seal and strengthen hair cuticles.