Mask with Vibrachrom ™ is an innovative, long-lasting cream-based painting system. This system uses technology unprecedented in the beauty industry.

The system allows better and even penetration into the hair structure, provides additional shine, strong conditioning effect and exceptional color retention time.

Formulas with Vibrachrom

Vibrachrom is an innovative technology developed by Davines Research Laboratories.

Formulas from the natural world

Vibrachrom combines the best properties of nature with ideas in the fields of cosmetics and textiles. Due to the quinoa protein extract, the color is better absorbed and this guarantees that the hair fiber will acquire the appropriate color over time.

Formulas from the world of cosmetics

The natural plant conditioning factor is rich in Omega 9, which guarantees bright and vibrant colors. And from the textile field, the phospholipid carrier facilitates the penetration of pigments into the hair, guaranteeing a uniform color from the roots to the ends.

Features and benefits


- By mixing natural foundations with the shine features of Mask with Vibrachrom, stylists can customize their color formulas - even completely cover gray or semi-gray hair.

- You can also change reflections, darken and lighten up to three levels; up to four levels you can do this with a lightning booster, and up to five with Extralifts.

- Only one mixing ratio and continuous painting time simplifies and facilitates the work of the colorist.


- Mask with Vibrachrom paint gives a wonderfully vibrant, bright and long-lasting color, as well as a great conditioning effect.

- It is a very gentle dye with a pleasant smell that neutralizes ammonia