The Century of Light is Davines ’new bleaching system designed to respect and protect hair using any lightening technique.

The Century of Light is a versatile and extremely easy-to-use system. Colorists can use it for partial or complete lightening, as well as apply it directly to the hair, leaving your hands free.

For customers concerned about possible lightening damage to their hair, The Century of Light is a great choice: the formula uses many ingredients and a unique Hair Protective Booster to ensure your hair is just as light and healthy as it is.

Principles of the formula

Davines Laboratories has invented how to strengthen and protect keratin bonds, and has developed products that strengthen hair.

Hair Protective Booster

Davines Research and Development Laboratories has developed an exceptional hair protection enhancer that combines the strengthening power of maleic acid with the antioxidant power of lipoid acid.

This has a particularly strong effect on the hair as it protects it from oxidative damage which can weaken the hair or cause breakage when the hair is bleached or bleached.

With Hair Protective Booster, hair will be elastic, smooth and extremely soft.

Softer whitening procedure

Progresses and Liberty formulas are enriched with this exceptional hair protection enhancer.

Tolerance is tested by dermatologists to make it even milder when applied to the scalp. This softness is provided by the oils it contains.