About us

We are proud and happy to represent Davines Cyprus for 15 years. By cultivating the most beautiful traditions and improving together, we have raised a rich Davines family, where the most important values ​​are love and respect for man, understanding and, of course, good mood! In order to share what’s best, we have created Davines Cyprus Academy, which trains hairdressers, and visiting teachers from all over the world share their experience, skills and professionalism. Everyone is important to us because we love our work and turn it into a holiday every day!

Carta Etica:

  • We, Davines Cyprus and colleagues:
  • We respect each other;
  • We are bound by common values ​​and goals;
  • We maintain healthy competition while maintaining individuality;
  • We share not only knowledge but also emotions.
  • We strive to inspire, motivate and provide opportunities for improvement by being empathetic and always around.
  • We love what we do - we spread the message about sustainability, we inspire goodness.
  • It is not with slogans, but with works, we protect nature, man and the future.