Meet Essential Haircare shampoo refill pouches

Take the next step on your sustainability journey and join our 'refillution' with the new Davines 500ml shampoo refill pouches, each of which reduces plastic use by 74% compared to two traditional 250ml shampoo bottles*.

Even more Essential, even better

At Davines, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do - and that means product packaging has always been an important focus for us. Now, after much research and testing, we've developed a new solution that's good for your hair and for the planet: refill pouches for five of our best-selling Essential Haircare shampoos.

Which Davines shampoo refill pouch is right for you?

The new shampoo refill pouches will be available for the best-selling Essential Haircare range, which includes NOUNOU, MINU, LOVE SMOOTHING, LOVE CURL and MOMO. Each product addresses a unique hair care need, while supporting biodiversity by using and showcasing ingredients from Italy's Slow Food Presidia.


Ideal for: Hair that is dry or damaged by treatments such as highlights, bleaching, perming or straightening.

Action: Nourishing and repairing.

Slow Food Presidium: Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto Tomato extract, rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamin C.

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Ideal for: Frizzy and unruly hair.

Action: Anti-frizz and smoothing.

Slow Food Presidium: Minuta Olive, packed with fatty acids and vitamins, which improves hair softness and smoothness and supports straightening.

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Ideal for:Wavy or curly hair.

Action: Elasticizing and controlling.

Slow Food Presidium: Noto Almond extract, rich in proteins and vitamins, to hydrate while enhancing any type of curl.

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Ideal for: Dry or dehydrated hair.

Action: Deep hydration.

Slow Food Presidium: Paceco Cartucciaru yellow melon extract, which is ultra-moisturizing due to its high water content and delivers nutrients to strands with vitamins and mineral salts.

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Ideal for: Colored hair.

Action: Illuminating and color protecting.

Slow Food Presidium: Salina Caper Blossom extract, rich in quercetin with a potent antioxidant power that provides long-lasting shine and preserves hair structure.

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Why choose Essential Haircare refill pouches?

  • 74% less plastic- Each 500ml pouch uses 74% less plastic compared to two 250ml bottles, reducing your plastic waste *.
  • Recyclable pouch - The pouches themselves are recyclable - check your local recycling rules for details **.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions - Thanks to -74% plastic compared to two 250ml bottles, reducing emissions ***.

*1x500ml Essential Haircare refill pouch compared to 2x250ml Essential Haircare shampoo bottles

**Mono-material pouch. Check your country's disposal info.

***Thanks to -74% plastic of 1x500 ml Essential Haircare refill pouch compared to 2x250ml Essential Haircare shampoo bottles

Will you join the 'refillution'?

At Davines we believe that we all have the potential to be a powerful force for good - and we're that much more powerful if we work together. Every purchase makes a statement and has an impact. By choosing refill pouches, you're reducing plastic waste and showing your support for the planet.

How to refill your shampoo bottle from a pouch

Using your shampoo refill pouch isn't just good for the environment - it's also incredibly easy. You don't even need to wash out your shampoo bottle first.

  • Remove the cap from the shampoo bottle and pouch, making sure you're in a clean, dry place.
  • Pour the shampoo from the refill pouch into the bottle.
  • Screw the cap back on the bottle and close the refill.
  • Keep a note of the date you refill your bottle and the batch number.

Essential Haircare: our commitment to biodiversity

One of the things that makes the Essential Haircare line special is the fact that each product contains high percentages of easily biodegradable natural origin ingredients, including ingredients from the Slow Food Presidia Foundation. This institution protects small-scale producers and farmers and keeps endangered plant species alive and thriving, protecting both artisan traditions and the biodiversity of our planet.

The evolution of Essential Haircare


Essential Haircare is born.


We marked the 10th anniversary with an improved, fully recyclable packaging reduced in weight and new active ingredients sourced from Slow Food Presidia to protect biodiversity.


The line transitions to packaging made of bio-based plastic from renewable vegetal sources.


The Essential Haircare solid shampoo bars are launched with 100% paper packaging.


New Essential Haircare shampoo refill pouches are launched.