How do we begin to grow a different future now?

We are committed to taking climate action by deeply integrating beauty and regenerative organic agriculture to heal our planet's soil.

/ Grow Beautiful

Beauty grows unseen, from the tiniest of elements to the biggest. It grows in Nature and in our nature, too. Grow Beautiful is our call and an invitation to balance environmental regeneration with our own personal growth, to help regenerate the Earth with the choices we make and be regenerated and flourish in return.


with purpose

Our limited-edition hair & body wash bar stands for the many benefits of regenerative organic agriculture. A manifesto in product form, it's Earth-first design is 99.7% biodegradable and packaged in 100% recyclable paper to use at home or anywhere life takes you. With regenerative organic white yarrow extract cultivated at the European Regenerative Organic Center in Parma, Italy.

Discover it in your favorite salon:

With regenerative organic white yarrow extract

Hydrating on hair and softening on skin

Made in Italy

Vegan friendly

Meet the scientists:

Nature and chemistry

Focusing on regenerative organic white yarrow – our activist® ingredient – R&D Director, Eve Merinville and medicinal plant expert Simon Jackson take us on a botanical journey through the Davines Group Village from the Scientific Garden to our in-house lab.

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The principles

of Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Minimum soil disturbance

Biodiversity safeguard

Rotation and cover crops

No chemicals

Welcome to EROC

the European Regenerative Organic Center

We Sustain Beauty

Our socio-environmental campaign

In 2021, we launched the first edition of We Sustain Beauty, a global socio-environmental campaign to take climate action through regenerative organic agriculture.


Hair and body wash with Activist® ingredients grown according to the ROA principles.


Lifestyle tote bag, made of regenerative organic certified cotton.


Stay tuned for what's coming next.

Stories From The Field

Dive into the evolution of Davines' regenerative organic movement in our latest series Stories from the Field. Meet Allison Daza, a Davines North America Educator, Hairstylist of 19 years and devoted environmentalist! Join her inspiring journey to the Davines Group Village in Parma, Italy for conversations at the crossroads of beauty and sustainability.

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