The Importance of Sustainability During Earth Month


While caring for the planet should be a daily routine, there is one particular month each year that gives us all a chance to reflect on how we treat the Earth: the month of April.

The first Earth Day celebration took place in 1970, drawing attention to environmental issues and marking a set day and month in which people could come together every year to educate themselves on pressing issues and discuss new innovations and possible solutions. It was an American senator who recruited college professors, activists, and congress members to kickstart this holiday. Fast forward to 1990 and 141 other countries became involved.

As a company, it’s important we do our part, too. Though working towards sustainability and giving back is always our mission, this month we are even more focused on highlighting our efforts and doing more. Businesses have a responsibility to create more mindful, sustainable products, and there are several ways in which Davines is doing this.

Sustainable Products to Shop During Earth Month (and Every Month)

To keep your own beauty and haircare routine earth-friendly, it all comes down to selecting the right products. At Davines, one of our most eco-conscious line is Essential Haircare. It gets ingredients through the help of Slow food farms. 

These are family farms that focus on sustainable practices and small cultivations of natural ingredients, protecting the biodiversity of our planet. Each grouping of products—whether it’s the moisturising MOMO line or deep-cleansing SOLU collection — comes from a different village of Italy. 

How to Celebrate Earth Month

We would agree that any time of year is best to care for the planet. But having a specified time to do so is a wonderful way to get others involved, honour our planet together, and spread important messages about helping the Earth and the ecosystems and organisms on it. As an individual, there are many different actions you can take to help out—most of which are hands-on and either fun or educational.
The following Earth Day activities will help you celebrate and form a routine that can be continued every day after:
  1. Take Part in a Clean Up Program
    Whether you love the ocean, forest, or city skyline, there is most likely a litter pickup program in your favourite place. Designate Earth Day (or several days during Earth Month) to join a group that helps clean up places around where you live or work. This gets you involved on a community level as well and meet like-minded participants.

  2. Reduce and Neutralise Your Carbon Emissions
    Research the activities that lead to carbon emissions and see where you can cut back. How often do you fly or travel? With which means of transport do you go to work? Does your energy supplier use renewable sources? There are also companies you can subscribe to that will calculate your average carbon emissions and help you pay them back and neutralise your footprint.

  3. Get Social About Your Efforts
    When partaking in initiatives close to your heart, share what you’re doing on social channels. This can be a great way to get friends involved and excited about giving back, too. You can also share verified facts and statistics about the environment and climate change or to organise a recycling party or drive.

  4. Educate Others on Environmental Issues
    While you can share this information on social media channels, there are many other ways to get knowledge into the hands of others. Volunteer at schools or help charities and organisations hand out flyers or create content for websites and their networks.

  5. Shop Local and Sustainably
    Review where you typically do your shopping (whether it’s online or in-person) and get a better idea of where your items come from. Are there more sustainable brands you can support? Are there areas you can cut back on spending? Take note and try to find more ethical and sustainable ways of purchasing goods and keeping less out of landfills.

  6. Make a Healthy Habit
    Earth Month is the perfect time to find a habit that both benefits the planet and creates enjoyment for you. Explore different opportunities and try to make a habit of doing them monthly, weekly, or even daily. Your positive contributions will add up over time and make Earth Day even more special every year as you look back on your progress.

B Corps and Davines’ Own Climate Action

One way that businesses can be held accountable is through B Corp certificationa certification Davines earned in 2016. When a company is granted this title it means that is meeting the highest standards of sustainability.
Under the umbrella of corporate sustainability, there are a number of ways Davines works towards these earth-focused goals—and has been doing so for 15 years. Every year Davines releases its Sustainability Report and many of its mission statements and initiatives are centred on making a positive impact on the Earth.

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