Valentine’s Day: the perfect gifts for Him and Her


Each love is one-of-a-kind, just like hair types! If you don’t know what present to get for your better half, opt for health and beauty: here’s what we suggest  

Have you been together forever or have you just met? Would you like to use this celebration as a way to impress someone or take care of yourself? Whatever the reason, Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, the occasion for a beautiful gift. 

To add something extra to flowers or to the classic box of chocolates, try getting an extra treat for the one you love. What’s sweeter than carving some time for yourself?

If your man is a great fan of the morning beard ritual, in the Pasta & Love line you’ll find a complete kit of products for the three steps of shaving: Pre-shaving and beard oil, Softening Shave Gel, Multi-functional aftershave that also acts as a day cream. 

Pasta & Love smells fresh - lemon, bergamot and orange flower - and is enriched with organic-certified extract of Alkekengi, that soothes shaving-induced irritations, even on the most sensitive skin. 

As a Valentine’s Day surprise, we advise you to combine the Pasta & Love shaving products with a vintage safety razor (e.g. with a handle made of wood or worked metal). 

You can also combine them with a beard cleansing product, such as SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser. It contains sea salt from the Trapani Slow Food Presidium and guarantees deep cleansing.

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Valentine Day’s gifts for Him

If, on the other hand, his hair is fragile or tends to fall out, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him is Naturaltech Energizing. This is a specific treatment that contains phytoceuticals, plant-derived molecules that are the fruit of advanced technologies. In the Naturaltech Energizing line you’ll find the stimulating ENERGIZING Shampoo, the leave-in ENERGIZING Gel revitalising and strengthening  treatment, and the special Superactives. 

It would be ideal to combine Naturaltech Energizing with a gentle massage that reactivates the blood flow and prepares the scalp to better absorb the treatment: you can book a professional service at a Davines salon!

Energizing Shampoo

Energizing Gel

Energizing Thickening Tonic

Valentine Day’s gifts for Her

When we choose a gift (not just for Valentine’s Day), at times we’re unsure if it’s suited to the person receiving it. No matter how well you know the person, there’s always some uncertainty. The products of the OI line will remove all doubts.  

OI leaves hair soft, glossy, manageable, perfumed for longer. And, if it tends to frizz, OI tames it. OI Oil is our absolute best seller, to apply on towel-dried hair for shine and definition

When it comes to cleansing and care, remember that hair needs nourishment as much as love stories do! Give NOUNOU Shampoo and MOMO Conditioner, with nourishing and moisturising properties!

NOUNOU Shampoo 

MOMO Conditioner

OI Oil

A special treat for curly hair

Does your other half have wavy or curly hair? For Valentine’s Day 2021, take a safe bet with the dedicated LOVE CURL Essential Haircare products, with Noto almond extract. A complete set of products to tame and give elasticity to curly hair at any time, during and after washing, before drying, between two shampoos. If you’d like to try the line, we recommend that you start from the must-haves: LOVE CURL Shampoo and LOVE CURL Conditioner. 

Two real surprises for your lady on Valentine’s Day are the LOVE CURL Controller cream, to tame even the most rebellious curls, or the Curl Building Serum of the More Inside line, to make frizzy and unruly hair obey. The serum can be used year-round: it’s perfect for the winter and drying with a diffuser, and it’s great in the summer - when hair is left to air dry naturally - for defined and elastic curls. It’s probably why it’s one of our best sellers.


LOVE CURL Conditioner

This is a Curl Building Serum

Custom-made gift guide: our suggestions

Still looking for the perfect combination for you or for the person you want to treat? No problem! Here you’ll find all our gift suggestions, with specific treatment regimens for each hair type or for the result you wish to obtain. We’re certain that you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

For a straight and glossy look


Frizzy straight or curly hair 


 Tame the hair and obtain the perfect straight style 


LOVE Shampoo

 LOVE Conditioner

 More Inside Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid

Deep cleansing and nutrition


 Oily at the roots and dry at the ends


 Cleanse deeply, nourish and make the lengths glossy 


SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser 

 NOUNOU Hair mask

 OI Milk

For healthier and glossier colour


Treated, bleached and coloured 


 Extend the shine of the cosmetic colour


MINU Shampoo

 NOUNOU Conditioner

More Inside This is a Blow Dry Primer