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5 ways to take care of your hair at the sea

08 Jun 2021
5 ways to take care of your hair at the sea

If protecting your skin from the sunlight is a standard, then why isn't it the same for hair? Here are our tips on what to do!

In the summer our hair is more exposed to the sunlight and all of the typical elements of vacations: salt water, chlorine, intense heat, wind or sand. Protecting our hair when we are on holidays is crucial, to prevent it from going dull, dry and brittle when we get back home. So let's see how you can care for your hair in the summer: from the sea to the pool, but also if you go hiking in the mountains.

Protect your hair from the sun before going to the beach

The sun damages the hair structure and changes its color, whether natural or cosmetic. This is why we recommend using “sun protection” for hair such as our SU milk: invisible milk with UV filters that preserve the moisturization and color of hair, keeping it light, soft and easy to comb.

Wash your hair with fresh water as soon as you can

Immediately wash your hair after swimming in the sea or pool! As soon as you can, rinse your hair well with fresh water. Try a gentle product, preferably specifically after-sun, such as SU Hair & Body Wash. In addition to gently eliminating salt, chlorine and sand, it offers an antioxidant action and soothes the effects of exposure to the sun, leaving hair moisturized and soft.

Using a single product for hair and body is convenient, especially when you need to limit the amount of stuff you pack. If you have only a minimal amount of space, try our kit with two travel sizes from the SU line.

Moisturize and nourish hair after the sea

Taking care of your hair during the holidays guarantees you will get back to work looking splendid and radiant. So here is some more advice on how to maintain the beauty of your hair.


Once or twice a week apply a regenerating mask that revitalizes hair that has been stressed by the sun, salt water and chlorine, de-tangling it and restoring softness and shine. We recommend our SU Hair Mask which also offers a refreshing, antioxidant effect.


When you have washed your hair, always use a gentle approach: do not wring your hair by pulling or rubbing with the towel. Let your hair dry naturally as much as possible and avoid using hair straighteners or dryers or, at very least, adjust the temperature to the lowest level.


Care for your hair even if the sky is cloudy: the UV rays get through just the same. Wear a straw hat, a scarf or a bandana to protect your scalp!

Mistakes to avoid to keep your hair protected from the sun

After advising you on how to protect your hair from the sun, we will now see how to best avoid stressing your hair when you are at the sea.

Do not have aggressive treatments done to your hair just before going on holidays - If dyeing your hair will help protect it against the sun by strengthening, unlike bleaching or straightening which tend to weaken and sensitize hair: it is best to wait until after your vacation.

Do not leave your hair down on the beach or at the pool - It is not just a matter of convenience: in fact, if you have long hair it is best to keep it tied up, gently, not too tightly. Ponytails, buns or braids help defend the scalp from burns and prevent the hair from getting ruined through rubbing and from getting tangled, especially when there is wind.

Do not overdo it with hairdryers and straighteners - In the summer hair is beautiful when left natural, let it have a break from its winter routine as well!

We protect the Sea, not only your hair!

We previously mentioned SU, which is a complete sun protection line. In fact, in addition to the products to protect your hair at the seaside, you can count on products for body and face: SU waterproof Protective Cream SPF 30, SU Tan Maximizer to tan quickly and SU Aftersun gel.

From June to August we look forward to seeing you at our Davines salons to partake in the ‘Let's Protect the Sea' campaign. You can get two SU products for a special price and with every purchase you will help donate 1€ to Sea Shepherd, an association that protects marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea. This way you can protect your hair and nature as well.

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