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How to care for blonde hair

03 Apr 2021
How to care for blonde hair


Blonde hair - natural blonde but also lightly and heavily bleached - needs special attentions and extra care to stay healthy and keep its shine. Here is our guide to care for blonde hair at home!

Blonde hair is extremely delicate: it can lose its shine because of the sun or because of sea salt or chlorine from the swimming pool. However, with the right products and a complete hair routine it is possible to preserve its natural shine. Follow our step-by-step guide!

#1 - Blue shampoo to highlight the blonde

In order to keep the shine of blond hair, we recommend Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo.

With its blue Jagua natural extract, this shampoo revives and brightens up all the shades of blond, delicately balancing the warm hues.

HOW TO USE: apply on the scalp and on wet hair, with a light massage. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

#2 - Rich conditioner to nourish blonde hair

Blonde hair - especially, but not only, when it has undergone bleaching - must be treated with fortifying products to strengthen the hair fiber.

With the Biacidic Bond Complex and the Baobab extract, Heart of Glass Rich Conditioner revives the hair and brightens up the blonde.

The blue color of this conditioner derives from the natural extract of Jagua and represents an important innovation because it makes it possible to avoid synthetic pigments.

HOW TO USE:  Apply on hair and dab on to the lengths and the ends. Leave to rest for 5 minutes, then comb and rinse thoroughly. We recommend to apply the conditioner every time the shampoo is used.

#3 - Treatment to strengthen bleached hair

In order to avoid the breaking up of bleached and discolored hair - but also natural blondes which have been exposed to intense atmospheric agents such as sun and sea salt - we recommend to nourish and discipline the hair fiber with Heart of Glass Intense Treatment, at least once a week. This formula is enriched with Biacidic Bond Complex - patented in Davines - which corrects and prevents damages to the hair fiber at the same time.

HOW TO USE: Apply on hair and dab on to the lengths and the ends. Leave to rest for 5-10 minutes, comb and rinse thoroughly. The longer it stays, the more effective the treatment is.

#4 - Illuminating pre-styling fluid

Last step: before proceeding to dry and style as you wish, use Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze to give hydration, shine, and thermal protection and protection from UV rays. 

With the exclusive Fortifying Botanical Shield active ingredient, this leave-on fluid gives the hair fiber elasticity and vigor.

HOW TO USE: apply evenly 7-15 sprays onto the dabbed hair, comb and continue with the desired styling.

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