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This 3-Step Anti-Frizz Routine is the Ultimate Summer Hydration Boost

21 Jun 2023
This 3-Step Anti-Frizz Routine is the Ultimate Summer Hydration Boost

This 3-Step Anti-Frizz Routine is the Ultimate Summer Hydration Boost


No one wants to sit by with a head of dry, frizzy hair while summer slips swiftly away. Thankfully, with this treatment routine, you can hang on to healthy locks all season long.

With the sun, sweat and heat bringing constant stress to your strands, it's normal to see an uptick in dryness, frizz and damage in the summer. For some — especially for blondes — the hair color might even change due to sun exposure, salt water, or chlorine: external factors that strip hair of its natural oils and cause the cuticles to break. But we can help you have the healthiest summer hair ever, thanks to a new hydrating hair care routine. The Love Smoothing range will help you maintain compact, nourished, hydrated and protected tresses even in harsh summer conditions. Here's how:

  • Step-by-Step Anti-frizz Ritual for All Hair Types
  • What Causes Frizzy Hair?
  • Why Is Your Hair Frizzier in the Summer?
  • Smoothing Hair-care Products
  • Hair Detox FAQS

Step-by-Step Anti-frizz Ritual for all Hair Types

Ready to keep hair hydrated, protected and smooth for a healthy look all summer? Ask your Davines hairdresser about our new Smoothing and Anti-frizz Ritual. Here's what it entails.

#1 - Shampoo

The ritual begins with cleansing, the most essential step in any hair treatment. The gentle and hydrating LOVE Smoothing Shampoo , enriched with Minuta olive extract, helps to seal the cuticles and combat unwanted frizz.

TIME: 1-2 minutes

#2 - Mask

Even a gentle cleanse can leave your hair prone to absorbing humidity if it isn't followed by some sort of conditioning treatment. To fully protect it, comb the LOVE Smoothing Instant Mask into wet hair, allowing it to soak for 30 seconds before rinsing with warm water.

TIME: 3 minutes

#3 - Styling

The third and final step in this summer ritual keeps the hair sealed and protected from environmental factors that create frizz. LOVE Smoothing Perfector is applied evenly to towel-dried hair, then finish with any pre-styling treatment.

TIME: 10 minutes

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

There are three main factors that can lead to unwanted frizz: genetics, humidity and hair damage. The structure of the hair is held together by two different chemical bonds, disulfide bonds and hydrogen bonds. Disulfide bonds are very strong and can be altered only with chemical treatments. Hydrogen bonds are weaker and can be influenced by humidity and heat — two very common climatic factors in the summer — and the rearrangement of these hydrogen bonds can lead to frizzy hair.

Why Is Your Hair Frizzier In Summer?

  • As the humidity changes, so will the structure of the hair strand. In humid conditions, moisture in the air is absorbed into the hair strands, breaking the existing hydrogen bonds and allowing the hair to swell. As a result, the hair appears less smooth and defined.
  • Curly hair tends to be more vulnerable to frizz, as it is often naturally drier than straight hair.
  • If you color or bleach your hair, the cuticle layer may be damaged and porous. This makes your hair more prone to absorbing moisture and swelling. In addition to becoming frizzy, damaged hair is more likely to break and stick out.

Smoothing Hair-care Products

Once you complete your smoothing and hydrating ritual in the salon, it is essential that you maintain a healthy hair-care routine at home. Ask your hairdresser for advice on which products best suit your hair type, or try the products below.

Anti-frizz FAQs

When should I do an anti-frizz treatment?

In the summer, when hair is most exposed to factors that create frizz. But smoothing treatments are beneficial during any season — especially if you live in a humid region or have textured hair.

What are the main causes of summer hair troubles?

During summer, hair is more exposed to humidity, sun, salt and chlorine, which can cause it to swell up and become frizzy or tangled.


How does the LOVE Smoothing treatment reduce frizz?

Thanks to its formulation, the LOVE Smoothing line creates a protective film on the hair, preventing it from absorbing moisture from the air. The strands stay compact as the cuticles remain closed and protected.
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