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Summer Looks: Easy Hairstyles for Summer 2021

23 Jun 2021
Summer Looks: Easy Hairstyles for Summer 2021

Loose or gathered, wavy or straight — here are four ways to style your hair during the summer. Featuring advice from Tommaso Incamicia, stylist at My Place Hair Studio in Milan, Italy. Why not celebrate the start of summer by experimenting with a fresh new look? We asked Tommaso Incamicia of the Milan salon My Place Hair Studio (who recently joined the Davines family) for advice.

Here's four looks that are perfect for summer this year. No matter if you like wearing your hair up or down, if you're staying at home or already on your way to the seaside, we're certain that you will find a new look to try.

#1 - Natural waves

  • Apply VOLU Hair Mist to towel-dried hair, to add volume: focus on the scalp, but don't forget the lengths. Comb the hair to distribute the product well.
  • Use a hair dryer at a moderate temperature, to avoid stressing the hair fiber. If you have fine hair, you can try drying it upside down to add even more volume. If necessary, use a brush to remove frizz from the ends.
  • Follow your hair's natural parting and boost your waves by using the curling iron on a couple of sections.
  • The last touch: spray This is a Dry Texturizer on any curls that are too tight, to add movement. Finish by running your fingers through your hair and spray This is a Shimmering Mist for extra shine.

#2 - Messy low bun

  • Dry your hair naturally, with the hairdryer at a moderate temperature.
  • Apply This is a Sea Salt Spray and and lightly work the hair with your hands to add texture.
  • Tie the hair back in a low, soft ponytail. Then form a bun and fix it with clips or hairpins, letting a few strands escape for a messy effect.
  • Secure the style with This is a Strong Hairspray.

#3 - High bun with scarf

  • Dry the haircompletely and apply a spritz of Dry Texturizer for volume. Then comb the hair backwards.
  • Make a ponytail - not very high but above the occipital bone to form a straight line that joins the chin, the cheekbones and the head.
  • Let a few strands out of the ponytail and let them fall forwards, for an effortless, natural-looking look.
  • Pull the ponytail forwards, freeing it from the elastic to create a casual look and add volume and a natural appearance. Fix with This is a Strong Hairspray.
  • Form a round bun on the head and fix it at the top with hairpins.
  • Wind a scarf around the hair and make a side bow over the forehead. To prevent the fabric from bunching up around the face, tuck in any excess.

#4 - Wet look

  • After washing your hair, remove excess water by patting it dry with a towel. If your hair is porous and retains too much water, you can also briefly use the hairdryer. Remember, however, that the hair must stay wet for this look to succeed.
  • Combine This is a Texturizing Serum — to give body to the hair — and This is a Medium Hold Modeling Gel in your hands. Distribute the products well through the roots, lengths and ends.
  • Comb backwards with a wide tooth comb and then run your hands over your hair to get rid of the most obvious ridges.
  • Use large clips to secure the hair behind the head, fix with This is a Strong Hairspray and then dry with the diffuser. When the part of the head is dry, remove the clips.

PRO TIPS: care for your hair by cleansing & protecting it from UV rays

Before beginning any hairstyle, remember that hair health determines the success of any styling. Here are the two essential steps to help you take care of your hair in the summer.
  1. CLEANSING - Shampooing is especially important in the summer to cleanse the hair and scalp from residue like sand, salt or sweat. Following with conditioner nourishes and moisturizes: always remember to take your favorite Davines duo with you on vacation!
  2. UV PROTECTION - To protect hair from the sun's rays (especially if they are blonde or bleached), we recommend applying a few sprays of Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze or SU Hair Milk, with UV protection, to towel-dried hair. Comb to evenly distribute the product.
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