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Fine or thin hair: the step-by-step guide to volume

16 Sep 2021
Fine or thin hair: the step-by-step guide to volume

At the salon or at home, learn our five professional “recipes” for adding volume and hydration to your hair, obtaining a more vital and full look. In most cases, fine hair is a physiological condition: the diameter of the hair fiber is an essentially genetic factor, like color or thickness. Even if healthy, however, fine hair can be more delicate and, as such, require specific treatments. Discover the tips of the Davines hairdressers for more voluminous hair that looks full of life.

  • Ask for a consultation at the salon to find out why your hair is fine

Consultation with a hairdresser is essential if you'd like to understand whether your hair is naturally fine, or if it became thinner because of the stress caused, for example, by a chemical treatment that damaged its cuticles. As the first step, we recommend that you book an appointment at your trusted Davines salon and ask for advice. The hairdresser will analyze the hair and will ask you a series of questions that will help him/her decide on the perfect “volume recipe” for you.

  • Try a professional replumping treatment for fine hair

At the salon, you can treat yourself to a professional service especially conceived for fine hair that lacks volume. After washing your hair with the elasticising Replumping Shampoo and Conditioner, your hairdresser will apply the Replumping Hair Filler Superactive, distributing it with a revitalizing massage and with a comb. The in-salon replumping treatment will not just increase your hair's volume, but will also lift your spirits! The products of the Replumping line, in fact, have a unique scent: citrusy head notes, with orange and lemon blossom; a floral rose, jasmine and ylang ylang heart; and, to top it all off, patchouli base notes.

  • Choose the right cut to add volume to fine hair

Without going as far as modifying the hair's structure, the right cut and style can do a lot when it comes to adding volume. For example, you can opt for a layered but full cut, such as a long, messy bob, like the one worn by Bella in the last collection by Tom Connell. If you're feeling brave, read our article on “Fine hair” and go for a short cut to add volume. In any case, remember to ask your hairdresser for advice; he/she will know how to best guide your choices.

  • Professional products for taking care of fine hair at home

To always maintain your hair's volume and vitality, remember to continue the treatment at home with specific products. For example, the magical Naturaltech Replumping trio!




Elasticising shampoo for hair that lacks tone, hydration and elasticity. In the Replumping shampoo you'll find the phytoceutical of plum, a certified organic ingredient of Italian origin, rich in polyphenols and flavonoids that, among other things, act as anti-oxidants to fight free radicals.

Remember to apply it to the hair's lengths and ends, every time you wash it. Let it do its thing for a few minutes and then comb you hair, so that the product is distributed evenly. Rinse carefully and make sure not to leave any residues, because they could weigh the hair down, which is exactly what not to do when your hair is fine.

After rinsing, towel the hair dry and apply the Replumping Hair Filler Superactive. The filler is a leave-on product, that also prepares the hair for drying: thanks to the Fortifying Botanical Shield, it forms a film on the hair, protecting it and keeping it safe from anything that may harm it and make it even thinner.

If you're a fan of Essential Haircare, you can try the VOLU products instead, with extract of Orbassano Celery from a Slow Food presidio in Italy.

  • Styling to add volume to fine hair

Last but by no means least: a good style can save the day and add more texture and body to your fine hair. Below you'll find a selection of our volumizing styling products: from the Sea Salt Spray, that adds volume as naturally as if you'd been to the beach, to the Volume Mousse for curls, an easy-to-apply product for bouncy and natural waves.

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