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How to soothe a dry and irritated scalp

16 Sep 2021
How to soothe a dry and irritated scalp

Itchiness and redness could be caused by an unbalanced scalp microbiota. Discover the solutions and recommended products

Itchiness, dandruff, dry and red scalp are particularly unpleasant problems. These sensitisation symptoms, however, can be dealt with and soothed with specific products, whose action is targeted towards re-balancing our irritated scalp, restoring the microbiota and the skin's protective barrier, in general. Let's see how.

Don't underestimate an irritated scalp

We often think of the well-being and beauty of our hair, without also considering that of the scalp. In truth, the two are profoundly interconnected; if we want to maintain healthy hair, we'd do well to also care for our scalp.

The scalp is an anatomical region of the human body that extends from the forehead to the nape and has a very large number of hair follicles. Its structure, comparable to that of the skin, is made up of three layers:

  • Hypodermis: subcutaneous adipose tissue located under the dermis
  • Dermis: deep layer with a support function
  • Epidermis: surface layer with a barrier function

What is the scalp's microbiota and why is it important?

The scalp's epidermis plays host to around one thousand species of good bacteria, that form a priceless ecosystem known as the microbiota. These probiotic bacteria interact with each other and with our skin's cells, creating a protective film that helps protect it from environmental aggressors.

The feeling of itchiness, redness or dryness can, therefore, be caused by a lack of balance in the scalp's microbiota, whose optimal state must be restored to soothe the discomfort.

Microbiotic booster to soothe an irritated scalp

To offer relief to sensitive scalps, the Davines laboratories studied a new set of molecules known as the Microbiotic Booster, obtained directly from the metabolic process of the bacteria that naturally live on our skin. Thanks to the Microbiotic Booster, the integrity of the skin's barrier is fortified, helping to reduce redness, itchiness and discomfort of the scalp, offering an additional defence against external aggressors. The Microbiotic Booster can be found in the ELEVATING SCALP RECOVERY TREATMENT leave-on spray that can be used both for an immediate rebalancing effect and as a long-term solution. If, aside from a sensitive scalp, you also suffer from fragile hair that's prone to falling out, you can also find the Microbiotic Booster in the two Energizing Superactive and Energizing Seasonal Superactive treatments.

A hair routine for relief from an itchy scalp

The ELEVATING SCALP RECOVERY TREATMENT can be sprayed immediately after the shampoo, on towel-dried scalp, or, if the discomfort is intense, on dry skin. Apply it directly to the scalp, focusing the spray on the most sensitized areas or the areas that most need relief. Then massage gently, until the product has been fully absorbed.

Concrete results in reducing scalp irritation

To measure the effectiveness of the ELEVATING SCALP RECOVERY TREATMENT we chose to evaluate several important parameters:

  • Reduction of redness: according to the dermatological clinical evaluation on 20 subjects with sensitive scalp, redness improved by 60%
  • Reduction of itchiness: according to the opinions of the 20 participants in the test, the feeling of irritation abates immediately after application
  • Reduction of the feeling of dryness: according to instrumental tests performed by external laboratories on 20 people, the scalp's hydration increases by 23% immediately after application and the results are even more striking with continued use. Alongside hydration, there is also a marked increase in the integrity of the skin barrier; specifically, instrumental tests prove that TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss, a measure of the skin barrier's integrity) improves by 15% after 28 days of treatment.
  • Protection against external aggressors: in vitro tests prove that the ELEVATING treatment has anti-pollution effects and protects from the negative effects of UV rays
  • Ease of use: 95% of the people who tested the product appreciated how easy it is to apply
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