How to care for your beard, keep it healthy and avoid irritations


For men, the beard is a unique tool to express their personality. Some keep a long beard, more hipster and fashionable, while others prefer it short - sharp and tidy. Many chose to shave it off completely. Nevertheless, the most important thing for any type of beard is using the right products: let’s have a look at them.

Taking care of your beard means taking care of yourself, finding a moment to escape the frenzied day to day routine. This is why it is crucial to follow a beard regime which respects the skin’s needshelping the beard stay healthy and to avoid irritations while shaving. Here is our guide to taking care of your beard, step by steps.  


#1 – Prepare the skin for shaving

• Gently tap your face with a damp warm towel to open up the pores and soften the skin. Warning: even the softest fabric can cause irritations, so avoid unnecessary rubbing
• Apply a small amount of pre-shave Pasta & Love oil to the face and carefully massage it over all the areas you need to shave.


#2 – Shave gently, with elliptical movements
  •   Spray a small amount of Pasta & Love shaving gel in a small         shaving bowl and mix with the   brush.
  •  Spread the gel on all the parts   of your face you need to   shave.If you’re not using the   brush, you can massage the gel   directly on your face.  
  •  Use the razor (the traditional   one or the blade) with elliptical movements.
  • While shaving, wash the blade with warm water as needed in order to get rid of the hairs.

#3 – Moisturize the skin after shaving

• After shaving, rinse with cold water and tap the skin with the towel to gently remove any remaining gel.
• Apply the After - shave Pasta & Love moisturizer with a delicate massage, to help it penetrate the skin.
• If you do not shave completely but rather keep your beard long or short, apply again the Pasta & Love oil for more sharpness.


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