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Moving towards a regenerative economy

26 Jan 2021
Moving towards a regenerative economy

"The future belongs to those who give back": moving towards a regenerative economy


Davide Bollati – President of Davines group – talks about his vision for the company and the world in the next ten years.
There is no doubt that 2020 will be remembered as the year of the big Coronavirus pandemic. But how will 2030 be remembered? We asked the President of Davines group, Davide Bollati, to accompany us during a walk in the Davines Village and to tell us his vision of the world for the next decade.

From linear to regenerative: a paradigm shift

The sanitary and economic crisis brought on by COVID-19 has made us all aware – even the most skeptical amongst us – of the delicate balance linking human beings to the environment. And yet, mankind itself jeopardizes this harmony, pursuing an economic paradigm based on exploiting natural and human resources.

This model clearly is no longer sustainable. In order to guarantee the survival of our own species, we need a paradigm shift that turns the tide of the linear economy. My vision is circular and regenerative and aims at restoring the environmental balance between human beings and nature, giving back what we already received."

Davide Bollati

Presidente Gruppo Davines

What do we mean when we talk about “regeneration”?

Over the last few months, the term regenerative economy has become ever more present in the public discourse. However, the concept of regeneration itself is so new and innovative that it is still being defined as we speak.

To regenerate means to promote a model that can be sustained over time, one that meets the needs of the current generation, without compromising the possibilities for the future generations to exist and satisfy their demands."

Not just environment, but rather a holistic vision of society

The area which more urgently needs our attention right now is undoubtedly the environment. We have only ten years left to apply concrete measures for a regenerative paradigm: if we wait too long, the damage caused by men – starting from the climate change – will be irreversible. And the consequences will inevitably impact society, as we know it today.

There is an absolute inter-dependency between these areas: environment, economy and society. Prosperity cannot exist in just one of these domains, because they are all linked to one another. Regenerative economy must try to protect the natural resources it uses and at the same time give back value and well-being to the largest possible number of people."

From reduction to restitution

Davines started using the motto “Sustainable Beauty” in 2006. Almost fifteen years ago - when the concept of sustainability not only wasn't fashionable, but was unknown – we strived to create personal care products that would also take care of the Planet. Today, we want to apply the same pioneering spirit to go one step further, towards a regenerative economy that not only reduces its impact, but also gives back resources and value to the Planet and to the people.

For Davines and Comfort Zone, regeneration is the only possible evolution in the concept of Sustainable Beauty. Beauty is regeneration, both when we talk about the Planet and about our body – for the skin and the hair. Renovating, giving back and being thankful are also crucial for ourselves as human beings: our only ambition is regeneration."

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