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Spring Cleaning: Reviving Hair From Roots to Ends

30 Mar 2023
Spring Cleaning: Reviving Hair From Roots to Ends

Spring Cleaning: Reviving Hair From Roots to Ends


Good hair starts with scalp care. As spring approaches and the harshness of winter releases its grip, follow our tips on how to revitalize your hair from roots to ends.

Winter can really do a number on your skin's pH, throwing it even more off balance as it tries to adapt to contrasting temperatures. And the dryness! If you live in a place with low humidity in the winter, your skin is also grappling with dehydration. Here is an easy method to restore your hair and scalp back to health in time for spring, in just two easy steps.

Step 1: Restore the Balance of the Scalp

  • Soothe
  • Stimulate
  • Hydrate
  • Revitalize

Step 2: Regenerate Based on Your Personal Hair Needs

  • Restore moisture
  • Repair damage
  • Revive shine

Step 1: Restore the Balance of the Scalp

We've created four regimens for scalp restoration based on what your hair specifically needs: soothe, stimulate, hydrate, revitalize. Experiencing itchiness and irritation? Opt for our soothing treatment. Hair dull and lifeless? Skip to our hydrating routine.


Calming Shampoo

Harnessing the anti-inflammatory power of blueberries, this calming shampoo provides relief to suffering scalps. Massage the soothing formula into damp hair, allowing it to soak into the scalp and strands for a few minutes before rinsing out.

Calming Superactive

After shampooing, treat your damp hair with this leave-in serum made with the same soothing phytoceutical-rich ingredients as the shampoo.

Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment

End with our deeply hydrating scalp restorative, shown to strengthen the skin barrier and improve scalp hydration by 23% immediately after use. Massage into your scalp before blowing dry and reapply as needed throughout the day.


Energizing Shampoo

Energizing Shampoo Reawaken the scalp with our Hair Energy Complex, a formula we designed specifically to invigorate and stimulate fragile hair prone to falling out. Enriched with Caffeine Phytoceuticals, known to stimulate the cellular metabolism of the scalp and promote tissue oxygenation.

Energizing Superactive

Energizing Superactive Using the same Hair Energy Complex and enriched with Mung and Bean Crimson Clover Extract, this serum controls hyperproduction of serum, which improves the scalp tone and promotes hair growth and density.


Renewing Shampoo

The key to envious glossy shine? Hydration! Our highly-moisturizing Renewing Shampoo offers a gentle cleansing action and helps maintain the well-being of the scalp and hair, promoting longevity and natural beauty. Enriched with HAIR LONGEVITY COMPLEX, Renewing Shampoo supports the protection against mechanisms that cause scalp and hair ageing, such as oxidative stress and glycation, whilst being able to promote the beneficial methylation process.

Renewing Conditioning Treatment

Renewing Conditioning Treatment Formulated with HAIR LONGEVITY COMPLEX and antioxidant-rich spinach and maqui berries, this conditioner strengthens the hair fibers and leaves them firm, shiny, and healthy. Apply from mid-lengths to ends, allow to soak, and rinse.


Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo

The ultimate detox necessity to revive winter-stressed tresses, this shampoo contains tiny jojoba and silica scrub particles for gentle exfoliation.

The Wake-Up Circle Hair Mask

Formulated specifically for hair exposed to extreme atmospheric conditions, our invigorating Wake-Up Circle mask is the perfect pre-spring hair rehab.

Step 2: Regenerate Based on Your Personal Hair Needs

You've now restored your scalp back to balance, creating a clean slate for continued care and optimal hair health. Next, you should go beyond reversing the damage and proactively pump hair with revitalizing ingredients that prevent problems from resurfacing. Ahead are three approaches based on your individual hair needs.

Restore moisture

Dry winter climates — and even drier indoor climates, thanks to moisture-sucking heating systems — rob hair of hydration. As you work to retain moisture throughout the final stretch of winter and into the spring transitional period, try to shampoo less often and with gentler products, such as:

MOMO Shampoo

MOMO Shampoo Our antidote to dryness, made with intensely hydrating and vitamin-packed Carucciaru melon.

OI All in One Milk

OI All in One Milk Hot tools can dry hair out even more, of course, so use this multipurpose, milky spray for frizz control.

Hair Refresher

Hair Refresher Instead of overwashing, refresh your locks between shampoos with our gentle waterless cleansing formula. Watch as it absorbs the grease and oil on your scalp and lifts the strands from the roots, giving you a full-body look.

Repair Damage

As the hair becomes more brittle, it also becomes more prone to damage and breakage. Vitamins and nutrients are essential to rehabilitation, and these products are packed with nourishing ingredients:

MELU Shampoo

Our foamy anti-breakage shampoo reinforces strands, with the amino acids of lentil seed extract.

Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner

We call it a "miracle" because of its astounding ability to turn weak, brittle strands strong, shiny, and soft. With BIACIDIC BOND COMPLEX, a patented blend of molecules created by Davines.

Revive shine

Only healthy, hydrated hair reflects light, giving that coveted appearance of radiance and luster. Fight dullness with our butteriest haircare products — plus a smart styling trick for immediate luminosity.

OI Shampoo

Roucou oil rich with beta-carotene and antioxidants cleans hair while simultaneously softening it instead of stripping it of its natural oils.

OI Conditioner

Lock in the moisture that Roucou oil provides with the accompanying OI Conditioner, a rich and buttery formula for easy combing.

This Is a Shimmering Mist

And while you improve the luster of your locks long-term, create the illusion of shine with this quick sheen-boosting finishing mist.

Enlist Some Help From the Pros

Nobody can whip winter hair into spring shape like a qualified professional. Call your Davines hairdresser to learn about in-salon scalp and hair treatments.

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